August 5


Today I received a lot of photos from my daughter.  She and her family are having a month long vacation in Pennsylvania and the photos depict some of the activities they have engage in…horseback riding, hiking, bicycle riding, sight seeing, visiting museums, putting together puzzles to name a few.

They look like they are having a wonderful time.

It made me stop and think about some of our family vacations and I confess there were not many.  It seemed like summer was always our busiest time with Christian Center activities, work groups and taking advantage of the few sunny days we had to get work like painting done.

I remember a conversation my husband and I had about this and the fact that we did not take very many family vacations and we both thought that we had probably not made the wisest choices through the years.  We also thought we could have fitted vacations in if we had really tried.

Of course, that is all in the past and what is done cannot be changed, but I am glad to see both of my kids making better decisions for their families.  Time spent together and time enjoyed in fun is important for families and I look at those photos today and realize I missed some of that fun.

I am trying to have a family reunion every other year and make some of those memories for all of us and I am pretty intent on making it happen.  There haven’t been very many so far, but I hope to remedy that in the years to come.

Father, thank you for helping me learn from my past mistakes and from the wise decisions of my children now.  Help me to work hard to ensure those family memories for the future.  Amen.

Deuteronomy 6:5-7


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