August 7

Today was birthday Sunday…

And I forgot to make the church birthday cake.  This is the third time this year and before this year it has never happened.

All day yesterday I was thinking off and on about coffee hour and wondered what the woman in charge had decided.  I kept wondering why no one had contacted me to bring something.  If I had looked at the calendar I would have realized that it was the first Sunday in the month and time for the cake.

Thankfully, I have a really good friend.  I called her for help and she went to the local grocery store and came to church with two smaller cakes and lots of cookies.  It went over well and we had birthday cake.

I think I need to start circling the first Sunday in my daily journal.  I usually mind map my day, but lately I have been incorporating a bullet plan as well with a monthly list and this is the place to put it.

The next birthday Sunday is September 4.  It will be circled in red on my calendar.

Father, thank you for fixing my mistakes.  Thank you for watching out for me and helping me learn.  Thank you for loving me. Amen

Isaiah 41:13


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