August 8

Jumping through hoops…

Part of life in education seems to be jumping through hoops.  It seems like there is always some new rule, regulation or requirement that requires us to jump through another hoop.  Today was no exception.  On the direct order of the University president all of the college across the state must use Google mail.  Our mail was migrated to this new choice and we were required to fix our addresses, etc.

We did that, but now we can only send mail, but not receive it.  That makes things a little tricky since we do not know if folks are answering any requests or questions we send out.  Now, I am sure that eventually this will be fixed and will no longer be a problem, but at the current moment it is a bit perplexing.

I don’t actually feel worried about it, but I know it can cause some confusion so I am hopeful it will be fixed soon.  I do know I have to wait for the final fix to come from someplace other than our campus as we don’t know how to go about it.

This is another wonderful opportunity to trust and not worry and to lean on the Lord for answers.  I am glad for these opportunities as it helps me think about having faith and trust which is a blessing.

Father, you keep reminding me daily that we have nothing to worry or fret about and that you are in total charge.  Thank you for more opportunities to trust in you.  Amen.

John 14:6


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