August 10

Heartbreaking news…..

When I got to school today, I was confronted with the heartbreaking news that one of the recently graduated seniors was killed early this morning and the young man driving the truck has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.  Both of these boys had been students in my classes and I knew them well.

We got the news from the janitor whose son had been one of the ambulance responders.  Everyone knew both of these boys and I am sure the shock will reverberate around the community quickly.

The janitor was devastated as was my admin assistant who had worked with the young man on his college application to Fairbanks this fall.

I feel badly for his parents whom I know pretty well from working with them at school.

The thing that is bothering me as I write this is his lack of regard for the consequences of any of his actions.  He made that pretty clear to me in the classroom and was open about his activities and feelings.

I am comforted by the fact that he did go to church and surely knew what he had learned in confirmation classes.  I can only hope and pray that he embraced these teachings in his heart.  I know his family is in my prayers as are all the kids and others who knew him and his family.

Father, you are so good and I pray for your peace for this family and for the young man who was driving.  I know I can’t imagine what they are going through and I just pray that they will be open to You.  Amen.

John 14:1-3; John 11:25


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