August 11

It’s true….

Worrying does no good.

Today I had a meeting scheduled at the hospital about the Certified Nursing Assistant course we are trying to start in September.  More than one person has been worried that we can’t make it work since we did not have enough people in the summer.

However, the hospital pledged their support and had some great plans to help make it successful and I was very thankful for this interaction.  I know worry is worthless and I just wish I could convince others of this fact.  It does no good to worry especially about things you can not influence.

That time spent worrying would be much better spent in prayer.  I want to get up and shout it from the housetop, but I know that wouldn’t reach everyone either so it is not a good plan.  Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it.

I think I’ll have to settle for just trying to kindly point out each time something is successful when that person spends an inordinate amount of time worrying.

Father, you are the absolute best.  Thank you again for great and wonderful help and for another answer to prayer.  Help me to be a great example of not worrying.  Amen.

I Peter 5:7


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