August 14

Rain, rain, rain….

It has been raining a lot.  I’ve been thinking that this much rain and wind is more typical of the very end of August and September rather than the beginning and middle of August.  It turns out that I was right.  Several men at church today confirmed my sentiments exactly.

Now that does nothing to change things, but for some crazy reason it makes me happy.  I am glad that I remember things correctly and that my mind has not been playing tricks on me.

Of course it does nothing at all to the weather.  We just have to take what comes, but the funny thing is that the weather app on my cell phone always calls the rain showers.  It is a matter of semantics I guess, but pouring down rain seems like more than showers to me.

The good thing is that my roof over the house is not leaking.  The bad thing is that the deck roof over the garage and the entry is leaking, but not a lot AND the laundry room appears to be leaking.  Now that is a mystery.  The other side of the house has leaked when the rain came under the walls from the outside.  How the rain can come in under the wall on the laundry side of the house is strange.  The wall is underground and the window is at the ground level, but the rain is not coming in there.

Ah, well, another mystery to solve.

Father, I do love rain.  Rain and wind together not as much, but I am thankful for the short slowdowns during the day which is especially nice when they occur simultaneously with my needing to go somewhere.  Thank you.  Amen

Genesis 9:8-17

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