August 15


I find email to be very interesting.  When I taught Technical Writing, the author of our text had a lot to say about email and all the dos and don’ts that should be followed.

However, for me that was not the most interesting aspect of email.  What I find fascinating is how it is regarded.  Some folks use email as one of their primary means of communication.  Others can barely be bothered.

This is particularly true in the business/education world.  Some people use email to send messages and expect quick answers.  Other send emails and expect quick answers, but rarely answer their own emails quickly.  Others don’t bother much with email at all and rely on the cell phone and texts.

Some of this seems to depend on the age of the person and his preferred mode of communication.  For others, I am unable to determine what it depends on.  I guess the part that is most difficult for me to deal with is the speed of answers.  I try to answer quickly, but I cannot always depend on a speedy reply from those who want quick answers from me.  It would be helpful if people answered their emails in a more timely manner as the answer helps determine what some of our next steps will be.

Once again, I think I just have to leave it in God’s hands and to realize that it is 1) not a matter of life and death, 2) maybe not as important as I have thought it to be and 3) gives me me more time to find a better answer.

Father, thank you for giving me ways to learn when I least expect it.  Help me to be patient. Amen.

Romans 12:12






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