August 16

Interesting surprises….

Everyone likes surprises, right?  Especially good surprises. Usually when you think of surprises you think of some thing.

Today I had two surprises, but they were not tangible things.  First, there was blue sky and very little rain which was a wonderful surprise.  After days on end of hard rain and strong winds, today was a nice surprise.  The weather forecast was for rain and even later it showed a little sun beginning at 7:00 pm tonight, but in fact the sun came out much earlier and there were hints of blue skies all day long.

My other big surprise occurred when I had to go meet with the school district superintendent to discuss how to deal with a problem concerning one of our dual credit courses.  I thought I had a good solution mapped out only to discover some new rulings in the Alaska education code which made my solution impossible and the biggest surprise came when he appeared to agree that a solution I thought quite impossible might be the best solution after all.

I love surprises, but great surprises and especially ones that are totally unexpected are the best.  I really believe that we can probably find surprises almost every day if we truly look for them.  They may not be like today’s surprises and come along unexpected, but obvious when they occur, but they are there nonetheless.  It could be a telephone call, a smile when you expected a frown from someone, feeling better as the day goes along when it started off rather bumpy.

Surprises are a blessing and a gift from our Father.

Father, you are the giver of all good gifts and surprises are one of your joys to us.  Thank you for the blessing of all types of surprises.  Amen.

Isaiah 55:8 and 9

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