August 17


Now that we have, for the most part, embraced technology in our lives I am sure  you are aware of chats.

Today I had occasion to use the chat feature in two very different situations.  First, I was trying to order a photo book I had compiled for my son in law of his retirement and I just could not click past the options to the point where I could order it.  After three tries I gave up and used the chat feature.  The guy I was chatting with was very helpful and even put the book in the cart for me so I could check out.  Imagine my surprise when the program let me put not one 50% off code, but a free shipping code for the order in the box.  That was a very nice surprise as usually you can only use one code per order.

The second chat I had to use was for a very technical problem with one of the testing programs at the college.  They had sent me a username and a password and pin and I could never get the program to accept them.  I opened the chat feature on the help line and the “agent” I chatted with worked hard to help me.  It took a little time as I think he was having difficulty too, but he persisted and before long it worked.

I was able to get into the program and the send an email that I was now able to migrate my new program onto the computers.  They have to give you a date and schedule you in so now all I have to do is wait.  This is a pretty complex program as it takes five computers just to deliver one test.  I have done it once and I needed a lot of technical help that time.  I am hoping future test sessions will be less difficult.

If you haven’t used chats, don’t hesitate to make use of this feature.  It really is helpful and for me it is often easier to understand than talking to someone on the phone.

Father, thank you for modern technology that makes life easier when problems arise.  I appreciate it.  Amen.

Philippians 2:4



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