August 21

What a little can do….

This morning the message was given by a woman we support on the mission field. As she concluded her message, she thanked us as a church for supporting her and then she said how much she appreciated the extra we had been able to send since the beginning of the year.  In tears she recalled how for the first time in her life she was able to set aside a small amount for the future.

I was touched by her revelation.  I remember an older gentleman who came to Cordova when he retired from the China Inland Mission as a missionary.  He was penniless and had no way to care for his needs.  Our church was able to help him until he went to heaven.

I also remember how upset my husband was that the mission board had not provided for him in his retirement.  We knew that our retirement was being taken care of by the American Baptists we were part of.  And when my husband retired, we were even more amazed at how well we were taken care of.  Even now, I receive a monthly stipend from my husband’s retirement.

A little can do so much, but we have to start somewhere.  I wish all mission boards and church charities could understand this need.  I am thankful we are able to help our friend prepare for her future and I am thankful that my present and my future are provided for as well.

Father, you are so good to me and I am so thankful.  Help me to be more generous with what you have given me.  Amen

Mark 12:41-44


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