August 22

Rumor has it…..

Yes, rumor has it that it is raining at the rate of two inches every 12 hours or four inches every day.  Another rumor has it that the amount is really more like 7 inches a day.  Who knows if either rumor is right.  The truth is that it is raining and it is raining a lot.  The wind is also blowing

The weather channel says it is raining about two inches a day, but even at that amount this means that during the days it has been raining we now have more than twenty inches of rain in the last two weeks and maybe more.

This reminds me of an August many years ago when it rained like this and reports said tht it had rained more than eighty inches during the entire month of August.  The lake swelled over the small airport runway and the adjacent road.  The road to Power Creek was closed.  Both of these have occurred this year as well.

The only report I have not heard which happened long ago was that the river had come up to within an inch of the front door of homes built along the river.  I live on a hill and the rain just runs down the hill on the way to the ocean.  No one near me is in danger of flooding and there is no flooding in the town proper which is a blessing to all.

These are the days when it would be fun to stay home and read all day or bake most of the day.  As it is I content myself with those activities in the early morning or late evening hours.

Father, I am thankful that the roof over my house is not leaking and that we have no threat of flooding.  Help people who are less fortunate than I.  Amen.

Proverbs 26:20


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