August 24

Solutions are unraveling before my very eyes…..

BUT I refuse to give in to anxiety and despair.  I am sure the Lord is going to provide a solution better than any of the other ones I have tried.  I have been praying for solutions and listening, but apparently something else is in store.  I can’t wait to see what it is.

In other areas of life, things are going well.  The Preschool Open House was a success.  Almost all of the children and/or parents came and it went well.  Tomorrow is the first day and it will be fun to see how it goes.  My volunteer teacher is excited and ready which is a huge blessing.

I was surprised to discover that it costs $20 for a library card in Cordova.  I think mine was free, but of course I got it long, long, long ago.

My friend showed us how to use Alaska online free library resource.  (free if you have a public library card).  They have books to read and audio books.  I have my name on the list for an audio book and I hope it becomes available soon.

I discovered that it has rained over 39 inches since the beginning of August and we still have seven days left of this month.  Five inches of rain are predicted for tonight alone.  It will be interesting to see if it really occurs.  Right now there is a light rain, but nothing like the huge deluges we have been having.

All in all today has been quite nice.

Father, every day is new and exciting and always a blessing and sometimes a challenge.  Help me to be ready for whatever comes.  Amen.

James 1:2-4


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