August 25

The first day of school…..

and one of my classes got so big I ran out of chairs.  I had to send the last student they sent back to the office to get a chair to sit in.  Crazy.  And I got an email asking to put at least two more students into the class.  I replied and said they needed to send chairs with any new students.  I even had one student who wanted to take the class again, but it is not one of those repeatable classes like some are.

The new principal picked out a song for each grade and played it over the intercom to dismiss classes rather than the bell.  The old principal was super energetic and everyone was sad to see him go, but this guy seems like he will fit in with the kids and he really hammered home the idea of respect which I certainly value and hold he sticks with all year long.  I was happy to see the kids in the first assembly respond to this guy with total quiet when he was talking which was a great beginning to respect.

I think when someone models respect for the kids from the top, the kids are more likely to give respect back and hopefully it will move through the school.  I think it is a real key to success.

Jesus gave respect where respect was due and he certainly was given respect by the crowds who came to hear him.  The disrespectful were of course the Pharisees and that set the tone for all of their dealings with Jesus.  How little did they know.

Father, thank you for the example of respect that Jesus set before us and thank you for those in our lives who encourage respect.  I pray they will learn what it means to give this respect and to honor it in their daily dealings with others.  Amen

Romans 12:10; Matthew 7:12


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