August 30

Games and pizza…..

Today I invited some friends who are visiting their grandma from Virginia to come play games with me and eat pizza.  I know their mom from when she was a kid and in school with my son and I know her kids from Virginia where my daughter lives and from Vacation Bible School.  Since we had our VBS early this year, I missed them.

We had a crazy, fun time.  I was a little late getting home so I asked my volunteer to play a game with them which she did.  I stopped by the Christian Center to get CLUE which we played and they really enjoyed it.  Apparently it is one of their favorites.  We also played CONNECT which they said they had, but didn’t know how to play so they learned and had fun with it.

I had started the pizza dough and they helped me roll it out and make pizza to their individual specifications.  We also made Snickerdoodle cookies and they were so cute looking at each sheet in the oven and telling me if they were ready to come out based on the appearance of the cookie.  They were pretty good and I gave them some to take home for their flight back to Virginia tomorrow.

They brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers which was very sweet of them  I suspect it was their Mother’s idea, but it was very nice.

We had fun together and it was good to see them as I had not seen them much when I was in Virginia either.  I hope to see them again before my daughter moved to Tennessee.  I know I can expect to see them in Alaska as they usually come to see their grandparents every summer in August.

Father, thanks for friends both young and old.  Thanks for fun and good times.  Amen.

2 Corinthians 9:8; James 1:17



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