September 3

CHS All School Reunion…..

Today was the CHS All School Reunion.  The organizers had asked me to take photos months ago and today was spent in getting the equipment up and running (we decided not to transport the large dye sub printer which turned out to be a good decision).  We found other equipment that needs to be updated and we eventually got everything ready and moved it to the school and set  up.

At first we were not very busy, but eventually things really picked up and there would have been no way to print pictures and take orders at the same time.

Since no one was getting photos, we decided to pack up everything and go back to the church and start printing.  Of course you know what happened.  That’s when several people decided to get a photo taken.

Eventually we did get to the church and tried to start printing.  Things went pretty well until we had to change ink in the printer we were using for the 8x10s.  Then the printer would not work. The young woman helping me tried everything and she knew a lot more about technology than I did, but we could not get it to work.

We decided to quit and try again tomorrow.  It was already quite late so that was a good decision.  It has been a hectic day, but  a good one and I was glad to see it come to a close.

Father, thank you for all of your help today.  I would have been sunk without you and without the help  you provided through others.  Thank you.  Amen.

Psalm 107:1


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