September 4

All is well…..

It was just as my helper suspected.  Leaving the computer and printer off all night did the trick and we were able to print the remaining pictures after church.  We then went and delivered them  Immediately they wanted a few more, but I encourage them to wait and see just how many they did want and I can print them later.  I have had this happen before and it is a lot wiser to wait until everyone makes a decision rather than rush to print them one by one.

In the evening after church I brought the pastor’s two boys and their friend home and we played CLUE.  Their moms were out looking for moose since the pastor’s wife was chosen for a bull on this side of the river.

Playing CLUE was a lot of fun.  We played in teams and thankfully each boy won a game with their teammate so they went home happy.  Actually they would have played many more games, but it seemed best to end on a happy note.

Our new volunteer loves to play games so she had a good time as well and was a big help with the boy who was adopted just a year ago and is still learning English.  Actually he does very well, but CLUE has a lot of reading and the words are not ones he is familiar with so that made it easier to play in teams.

It was a nice end to the day.

Father, you always give us just what we need when we need it and I am so thankful for your wonderful watchcare over us all.  Thank you.  Amen

I John 4:7-8

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