September 5

A real vacation….

Today was a real vacation day.  Lots of the time we have a day off from high school, but not from college.  There are even times when it is the other way around, a day off from college, but not high school.

Today was pretty relaxed and very nice.  We did some reading, some baking (the weekly loaves of bread to deliver tomorrow), some knitting and some television watching.  It was just right.

It never rained a lot, but there was often a slow drizzle, actually for most of the day.  But being inside made it not seem overly gloomy.  I did go to the B B Q at the hospital to see my friend I knit with.  It was pretty low key too, but that was my only time out and about which was nice too.

Now I have time to get to bed a little early and to enjoy a little more reading and praying and to be thankful for the gifts the Lord has bestowed on me today.  What a blessing!

Father, you are always so good to me and I am so very thankful for a really nice day.  I love you.  Amen.

James 1:17

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