September 6

Laughter suppressed….

I love laughter and mirth, but today I had to suppress my laughter in class.  I was trying to give examples about a new concept I introduced in Sociology today.  I said something about the presidential political candidates and suddenly one young girl asked regarding Hillary Clinton, “She’s not still married to him is she?”  Her classmates and I all said she was.  “That’s it,” she said.  “I’m through with her.  I can’t believe it.”  It was all I could do not to laugh, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

We had a lively discussion and also of the reading from last week and it was good to have so many of the students participating.  I have had students in the past who just sat silent through all the classes and I far prefer those who speak and enter into the discussion.

You learn something new everyday…

I have always believed this old saying and today was no exception.  I went to the clinic because my head had been aching so much and the doctor gave me a new (but old) blood test.  He was checking the sedimentation rate of the red blood cells.  He told me it was a test from the fifties and would determine if there was inflammation in the veins in my head.  There was not so he is looking for other causes, but this was something new to me and it was interesting to learn about.

I am thankful for learning and for funny stories too.

Father, thank you for a good day and lots of learning.  Amen.

Matthew 7:7



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