September 8

What works?……

Throughout the years I remember my husband trying to get across the idea of personal interaction and invitation as the key to growing the church.

Today during a meeting at the college, the very same concept was introduced as the key to success at the college for retention of students. It was interesting to me to see the concept used in a secular situation and a “sacred” one in the same way.

We all long for interaction with others and for belonging.  We can see this in every area of society and every facet of that society.  People want t0 be with other people and to belong.  When others reach out to those around them it is so much more effective than when someone who is perceived as the leader does the inviting and reaching out.

I’m thankful that we can reach out to others and include them and give them a place where they can feel comfortable and find places to serve.

Father, thank you for making things works in such a seamless way.  You are amazing.  Amen.

John 16:13




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