September 11


I preached for Pastor Charley today and when I realized it was the 15th anniversary of 9-11 I wondered if we should have had some type of special marking of the occasion.  We did pray for all those who survived and for the families in  particular of those who suffered great loss.

No one said much about it, but I think that might be natural as we are so far removed from the day and I know of no one here who was directly or even indirectly involved or touched by it.

Personally I remember it well as Richard had a severe reaction to some medication while we were in Anchorage and I took him to the ER at the hospital.  No one could help anyone it seemed as all eyes were glued to the television screens.  I have a very vivid memory of that morning.

All of that and the terrorist attacks since that time still seem so senseless to me and it is hard to understand the thinking of those behind them.

As I thought about thankfulness today (my sermon topic) I realize that we simply have a different mindset and we will never really understand the motivation or thinking of those who perform terrorist attacks.

I  am thankful for our God and for the peace and comfort He gives.  I am thankful we live in a land where we can worship  freely and I am thankful that God loves me.  I pray for those who are touched by this senselessness and for those who perpetrate these attacks.  Only God can make sense of it and straighten it out and I know we have to wait for that day when it does happen.

Father, thank you for your love and for your compassion, your peace and your constant mercy and grace.  Amen.

I Corinthians 13:4-8



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