September 12

Getting ready,…..

It seems like there is always more to do to get ready for something than I tend to expect.  Tomorrow is school picture day at the elementary school and I have been working on the names so my helper can keep track of the kids and their orders.

I was surprised by how many kids had moved and the ones who were new.  I realized some of the kids had moved but not so many.  There were a lot of siblings too who were new.  I am sure I will see them all tomorrow.

It has been raining “cats and dogs” as the expression goes and that is never good for picture day as the hair is always a sight and the moms are not happy, but it seems to happen every year and we certainly can’t do much about it.  I will try to remember to take my box of combs so we can at least try to help things out a little.

An umbrella won’t do much good as the wind is blowing pretty hard and that just pushes rain in to the face.  Hoods and hats are a bit of a help, but they mess up the hair too in spite of keeping it dry.

We’ll just have to hope for the best.

Father, I am glad you are in charge of the weather and the coming and goings of everyone.  That’s one less thing to think about. Amen.

Nahum 1:3


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