September 13

More than 800 images…..

When the battery was exhausted and the computer was about to abort the syncronization between the camera and the computer the screen said I had taken 775 images.  I then took about 30 more before I packed up the equipment6 for the high school shoot tomorrow.

I was surprised that there were so many.  Granted a few kids definitely had to have many shots before I was satisfied with the one I chose.

Even after I had al the equipment packed up, people came by wanting photos.  I arranged to take them tomorrow at the high school.   I acutally didn’t expect many orders as fishing has not been good  and I expected a lot of people to pass pictures by.  That did not seem to be the case.  Although i do think more people ordered smaller amouts

Tomorrow the day will be longr and there will be more opportunities  to meet needs.

It was fun seeing all the new kids and some that have really grown a lot since I saw them last.

I am thank ful for no big problems and no emergencies today.  That is a blessing alway.

Father thank you for looking out for me and taking care of my needs.  Amen

Psalm 121:3


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