September 14

Oh, my golly…..

After being on my feet for 12 hours I was really tired.  I actually packed up 15 minutes early since I had already seen and photographed everyone who had called.

I took almost 900 photos today.  It is always more when you do Seniors.  I try to give them a lot of different poses to choose from and make a selection of several for them to view.  It takes a long time, but I think it is important for them to feel their very best.  And later I retouch every Senior too.

One boy, a young classman, who I know had some terrible zits and I told him I would take the worst ones away to try to get him to smile. But it was no use.  He said he didn’t want them removed and he wouldn’t smile.  It’s hard sometime to know what to do to make them feel at ease and relaxed.

I find it interesting how different kids are from one other.  Sometimes one kid will be rebelious and others won’t.  You can never know and predict how they will act.

I was happy to have someone here for help.  That was especially helpful.

Now I just have a few preschoolers on Thursday and Friday and then it will be on to the ordering.  Those days will be much shorter and less tiring I am sure.

Father, I thank you for your watchcare over me and your help with this project.  

Isaiah 41:13





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