September 16

It’s Friday….

I’ve never been one of those TGIF people, but I confess that this week I am happy to see the weekend come.  I still have a lot to do concerning the photos, but it is sitting down and using the computer and my helper seems very capable and is willing and able to do most of it for me.  I will need to retouch the Seniors and fix a few problems in Photoshop, but that is about the extent of it.  Eventually I will have to teach her how to use the ordering program, but I’ve done it before so I should be OK.

On another note, have you ever thought much about loneliness?  I have a few friends who seem to be really suffering from loneliness.  I can honestly say I don’t totally understand this feeling as I have always had friends to turn to.  Sometimes now that my husband is in heaven I feel lonely when I am home alone, but I talk to myself and to Jesus and think of something to do and that does the trick.

Do you think being lonely is more than just a lack of friends to talk to?  Is it also a lack of something productive to do so you have more time to sit around and think about yourself?  I am not sure, but I certainly think this has some merit.

Loneliness is certainly something I am going to think about and see how I can help these friends who are suffering.

Father, you are the source of all help.  Please help me to be an encouragement to other.  Amen.

Isaiah 41:10

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