September 17

The best laid plans…..

My mother often quoted this idiom to me:  The best laid plans of mice and men oft times go astray.  I looked this up and sure enough it has been around for a long time and came from a poem by Robert Burns.

It certainly fits my day.  I didn’t have huge plans, but I did have some I thought I would accomplish before a friend’s emergency turned me in a different direction and I spent many hours at the bedside in the hospital.

It made me think of how important it is to live for Jesus and to be willing to lay down our plans to follow the plans he sets before us.  Is it really important that I did not do some cleaning I planned to do today?  What about the knitting I wanted to get started on?  Or the coffee cake I planned to bake?

In the big scheme of things those plans are minor in importance.  It was more important for me to give reassurance and try to model Christ’s love at the bedside of my friend.

And I had ample opportunities to enjoy the beautiful day with sun and the crisp feel of fall as I had to drive back and forth on errands.

Yes, the best laid plans went astray, but I am sure God was in charge and  thankfully I was wiling to surrender to His plans.

Father, you know I can be stubborn and try to stick to my own plan, but I am thankful you spoke to my heart and I listened.  Please help my friend and help me to be willing to listen to your call.  Amen

Proverbs 2:1-5



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