September 18

Writing letters….

I remember a time probably 38 years ago when I received a letter from a woman who had written to me.  She said that my letter was the first time a missionary had ever written to her and she had been writing for more than 40 years.  I remember being astounded.

In our Mission Adventure group on Sunday evenings we have been learning about the various missionaries we support and I always have the kids write a letter when we finish our study of that particular missionary.  None of them has written back yet.  However, today the pastor read a letter to the church from one of the missionaries we have studied so tonight I had the kids write back to her.  Even though her letter was not addressed to them since they are a part of the church they took it pretty well. And it gave me an opportunity to review what she said to us.  They were all present when the pastor read the letter.

With the advent of email and then texting on the cell phone, written letters are pretty rare these days.  Personally, I really like snail mail, but I do admit the other two means are faster.  People know I like snail mail and I am often the recipient of lovely note cards and sometimes stationery.  I really enjoy using it.

It seems to me that notes and letters are a true form of encouragement and I like to send them. I confess that I am not as good about sending birthday cards, but I do write letters to remember people.  I need to work on special cards for special events.

Today was a beautiful sunny day and tomorrow is supposed to be the same and then the prediction is for a week of monsoonal rains.  We’ll see what transpires.

Father,  thank you for mail and the opportunities to mail others.  Help me to be more intentional about sending birthday and special day cards.  I need reminders to do that.  Amen.

Joshua 1:9



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