September 21

Wind and rain storms….

Fall is almost here and the rains and winds that accompany it in Cordova are upon us. The predicted wind arrived and it has been really strong.

I remember years ago when a tree fell across our deck  and it was amazing to see.  It just keep getting lower and lower each time at waved back and forth and finally it cracked at the lower trunk and just laid across the deck.  No one was hurt but it was amazing to see.

Today reminded me of that day.  When I went to visit at the hospital I could barely keep my balance.  That’s what happened on that day long ago.

The volunteer had been telling me this was just like Kansas, but tonight she admitted that it was most constant and the gusts were more often than Kansas.  I couldn’t know since I was only there a short time a few years ago.

I just know the weather is strong.  I wonder what will happen next.

Father, thank you for your care for us and for the elements that remind us how majestic your creation is.  Amen

Psalm 135:7




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