September 23

Mixed emotions….

I received two messages from my kids today.  One was from my daughter and showed images of the house she found for her family in Tennessee.  It is gorgeous and looks like it will be perfect for her family.  It is big as I expected and has a lot of amenities that will work for the different needs they have.  The price was much lower than I expected although I knew it would be less than homes in the area they live in in Virginia.

Then I got a message from my son telling me that a dear friend of his and the college had just passed away.  I am sure he is with Jesus as he had a strong faith, but his going home to heaven will leave a big hole in his large family and in the family of the college.  He had been a basketball coach for more than 30 years.

It is interesting to contemplate these pieces of news.  One is so uplifting and joyful and the other is introspective and thought provoking.  Isn’t life like that if we stop to consider it?  One minute we find ourselves in a joyful, uplifting situation and in the next we are plunged into thoughtfulness and often sorrow.  It is not a case of being in despair, but just the contrast between happy and sad that strikes me.

Yet, through it all we have to see the thread of Jesus and his will in these situations.  He knows everything about us and he sees the big picture of our lives.  We can only see the little corner we are in, but we can trust him for whatever comes next.  His grace and mercy will see us through and we will be able to take these mixed emotions and find a way to sort them out and figure out our next step.

I used to worry about not seeing the big picture, but now I am content to let Jesus be in charge and to be able to pray with thanksgiving in any and all circumstances.  Once I learned that I didn’t have to be thankful for the situation, I was able to let go and let God be in charge of it.

Father, I am glad you have the big picture in mind and that you are in charge.  Please let me be happy with  this knowledge.  Help me to accept my little part of the big picture and to act with all of the gifts of the Spirit.  Amen.

Galatians 5:22-23


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