September 25


Today we made manna in Sunday School.  You take a tortilla and use honey butter and then cook it at 400 degrees until it is crisp enough to break into parts.  You also cut it into larger parts with a pizza cutter before putting it in the oven.  It comes out very crispy and most of the kids were willing to try it.  Some really liked it.

We were talking about God providing for our needs and I hope this helped the kids understand this concept.

I was surprised when one of the adults I talked to after Sunday School had never heard of manna.  I guess I thought everyone knew about manna, but I realize that not everyone grew up going to Sunday School and they won’t know things like manna from heaven.

This made me think about the fact that we assume so much in our lives and we think that people are like us in many ways.  I am sure that is not true, but I am also sure that I tend to act as though it is true.  It takes a conscious decision to really pay attention and to stop making assumptions until you have all the facts about a person before you speak and act.

We have not walked in their shoes and we need remember that.

Father,  help me to listen and to hold my tongue.  Help me to see others as you see them.  Amen

Psalm 37:7; 27:14


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