September 26


Today we had a birthday celebration for a friend here in Cordova.  I invited his favorite people and they all came.  I started getting ready Saturday and Sunday and I had to have one of the guests go to my house and start the casserole since we were busy at Good News Kids.

It all turned out well and he seemed really pleased.  I am happy with the results.  I think he really felt blessed and honored.  He was surprised since he thought only kids get birthday   celebrations.  I grew up with everyone getting a birthday celebration whether large or small.

It just shows me that we all come from different cultures.   And, even more importantly, it reminds me that making assumptions is never very helpful. I think this is a bigger deal than I ever realized.

I wonder how often I do make assumptions.  I am going to try to keep track and see and I am afraid the number is going to be scary.  I think I do it a lot and more than I have ever realized.

Father, making assumptions is hard to stop.  Please help me to realize how important it is to just stop, look and listen and not to assume.  I know I can do this with your help.  Amen.

Philippians 4:13


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