September 27

Birthdays from afar….

Whenever someone in my family has a birthday I try to sort out their gift and I rely on someone in their family to help me get it there on time.

It is tradition in our family to call and sing Happy Birthday to the birthday person.  Today two of my grandchildren have birthdays and I got the times and the numbers to call.  Since there is a four-hour time difference it is important for me to get this organized early in the day.  Now all I have to do is call them.

I have no idea how the birthday person feels, but this helps me feel connected to them even though we are separated by thousands of miles.  I am thankful for technology that really helps me with my desire to stay connected to them.

My day started with high school Bible study and my interactions with the kids reinforced this idea of connection.  One of the girls shared how one exchange student felt in the family she was assigned to and how she longed for that connection.  I can definitely understand her feeling of being separted and I hope her new family assignment will fulfill that longing.

It also makes me wonder how well the people in charge find out how well the families and the students mesh.

I hope whoever has these students will celebrate their birthdays since they are so far from home.  I am going to find out when they occur and see how we can help.

Father, thank you for loving me and making my birthdays special all of my life.  Amen.

John 3:16



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