September 28


At long last my five computers have migrated to the new Unify system required by ETS.  I have become friends with the tech support team I have had to call so often.  They know me by name too.  I started this process by taking a test to become a certified Test Center Administrator and then I worked on the computers beginning Sept. 12.  Finally today I got them all to migrate and pass the round trip and the demo.  Thankfully I am through because the deadline was Sept. 30.

Whew!  This is a load off my to do list and off my mind.

Now I have to figure out how to get access codes for the two students who are taking TABE tests.  It used to print right out on their test ticket, but this time it didn’t.  Reading the policy manual and the answers to Google have not revealed the answer yet, but I haven’t given up and hope to find out.  I have a request in to the guy in charge in Valdez.  Maybe that will result in the answer. I expect to get it eventually.

I guess my biggest problem is that we actually administer four different national tests and they are all different and the TCA rules are different too.  I have lots of notes about them, but they keep changing and that is causing the problem.

The important thing is to keep it all in perspective.  In the big scheme of things in life, it is not very important. I just need to keep my eyes on Jesus.

Father, thank you for reminding me that you and only you are important in the big scheme of things.  Let me not lose sight of that.  AMen.

Proverbs 16:3; Matthew 6:33






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