September 29


Last night my son called and gave me some things to really think about.  He had attended a memorial service for a longtime coach at the college where he works.  Over 800 people attended and many had flown in to honor this man.  Some were former players, some were coaches he had played against and of course all of his family was there.  The memories they shared about their father and grandfather really touched my son and he said his kids miss me and he thinks they need time with me.

When they lived in Cordova, of course we had a lot more time together.  I have tried to be really faithful in keeping our family reunions going, but that is not a long time and there are a lot of people so I have less time with each individual grandchild.

Since I work at the college on a daily basis I am not free to just go visiting whenever the mood strikes me.  But after his conversation I am wondering if I should quit my job and plan some extended time with each of my children’s families.  Or I could plan around my job which gives me two months off in the summers and get a substitute for my classes and take extra time around vacations.

I am not sure what decision I will make, but I am trying to think of all possibilities and to pray and seek God’s will in this matter.  I know I treasure the memories of times spent with my grandmothers and I realize nothing can replace those special times.

Father, I seek your will in this question which has a special significance for me.  Guide me to make the right choice now and in the future.  I treasure my children and grandchildren and want to honor them at all times.  I will listen for your voice.  Amen.

Psalm 127:3-5

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