October 1

Volleyball and cooking…..

Volleyball and cooking don’t seem to go together, but that’s how I spent my day.  I watched a lot of volleyball since a lot of the players are in my Sociology class.  I wa going to go to th hospital to visit my friend, but she showed up at the games with her daughter so I visited with her at the game and knitted when our team wasn’t playing.

Then I confirmed my plan for the birthday party tomorrow and starting making cookies.  She decided against a cake since she wanted to eat cake at the dinner her mother and grandmother had planned.  She had specific cookie choices and I knew I would never get them all baked if I left them to tomorrow.  I had to fit in getting groceries, going to the post office and getting a gift at the Net Loft.  Squeezing in some volleyball games pretty m much finished the day.

My volunteer wanted to see the JV play so she went with me on my afternoon errands and then we went to the game.  Since our Varsity got knocked out earlier, they were not in the championship game.  They ended up third.  They are a young team this year, with very few experienced players in the lineup.  Even the Superintendent told me that they had a bad call in the last game they played which was the one that knocked them out of play.

I have thought a lot about sports and winning.  It seems to me that if the team and the members of the team individually always do their best, where they end up in a tournament or if they lose a game or match, it is not that big of a deal.  Sure, I know they want to win, but the winning shouldn’t be the most important thing in my opinion.  They played well and that is good.

Father, you want to see our attitudes and our behavior, win or lose.  Help me to portray that in my; life too.  Amen.

Philippians 3:14


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