October 2

Getting ready…..

I made one batch of cookies after I made the cinnamon rolls for church and then I made another batchof cookies when I got home from visitng the hospital.  I made the ice cream yesterday to get it good and hard, but I made the chocolate sauce just before my guest arrived.

She seemed to really appreciate being remembered.  I gave her a gift bag with three dozen cookies in it and had many on my special day plate for her and her boyfriend and girlfriend to eat.  When they were ready to leave, I bagged up the leftovers and put them in her bag as well.

At one point her boyfriend asked directly, “So did you have a good birthday?” to which she replied with a nod of her head, “I did.”

I thought her birthday was a success and I was also able to encourage her with many positive comments about her cake decorating by people at church in the morning.  I try to get her to decorate the monthly church birthday can when I can because she likes to do it and I always get positive comments I can pass on to her.

I was glad I could do something special for her to help her realize she is loved and to encourage her.  She has some problems in that area so I like to take every opportunity to encourage her if possible

Father, thank you for opportunities to encourage others.  Help me to be the example of your love that makes a difference.  Amen.

I Thessalonians 5:11


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