October 8

Moving on…..

I caught the tail end of a movie on television today that made me pause and think.  The young woman told her mom she didn’t want to date because she might fall in love and then she would want to get married and she couldn’t because her dad was dead and couldn’t walk her down the aisle.  Of course her mom assured her that she would walk her down the aisle, but the young woman was in tears at this point and didn’t want to listen.

I wonder how many people are stuck at a point in the past that prevents them for moving on and moving ahead in life.  What a sad situation this is. And what makes it even sadder is that Jesus doesn’t want us to stop living at one point in time because of some sorrow.  He wants us to trust him for tomorrow and continue to move ahead.

If we stop living, really living, at some point in time, think of all the things we might do for Jesus that we never even contemplate let alone attempt, all because we are mired down in the past.

We all have moments of sorrow, or moments of sadness when we think of something or someone in our past that triggers a special memory and I can certainly attest to this fact in my own life.  But we have to continue to move on.  When that happens to me, I stop and give myself time to think about whatever it is that is making me sad.  Then I pray about it and talk to God and move ahead in the day.  This works pretty good for me.

God wants us to live for him and that means doing things, not just sitting and feeling lonely and sad.

Father, thank you for answered prayer.  Thank you for memories of joy and happiness.  Thank you for new opportunities to live for you.  Amen.

Romans 8:18; Philippians 3:14


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