October 9


Yesterday I had a bedroom in my house painted.  It is a beautiful green color and goes with the window covering quite well.  It really brightened up the room and since there are only three walls, it did not take a long time for the fellows to finish.

The paintings are rehung on the walls, all is dusted and rearranged on the book shelves and it looks quite nice in my opinion.  I had been wanting to get it done for quite some time and I am pleased with the results.

When I embarked on my painting program the walls from when the house was built in 1974 had never been painted until the last few years.  Now there is only one small room covered in bookshelves and a few hall walls that are still the original off white color and paint.

Paint has made me think a lot of our lives.  The paint covered the old walls and brightened up all the rooms in which the paint  has been applied.  I wonder is that what it is like when we change our lives and begin to really live as a disciple for Jesus.  Do we cover the sin with a new life and actions?  I always thought about those actions as an eraser, not a cover, Maybe in a way paint is the same thing.  We frequently have to use a primer coat to removed the stains and previous paint especially when it is a bright cover that paint will not cover.  The primer changes the wall to allow the paint to be applied.  So too, we give our lives to Christ and he erases our sin and our actions can then shine for Jesus.

We sing This little light of mine and the kids have asked me what it means to let your light shine so we talked about our lives and what happens when Satan tries to snuff our light our and how we can’t hide our light.

The new walls in my house are shining, an example of the work the paint did.  Our lives shine for Jesus to show the work he did in our lives.  I like the metaphor of the paint when we think about Jesus and what he does in our lives.  I think metaphors are helpful in explaining to kids what we’re trying to teach them.  This is one that I am going to remember as kids love to paint and they understand for the most part how paint works.

Father, thanks for paint and metaphors that help us learn and understand what you are trying to teach us.  Help me as I try to teach kids about your love in our lives.  Amen.

Matthew 5:14-16; Luke 8:16



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