October 11


The young woman who is volunteering at the Christian Center and who lives with me is very interested in baseball and the Chicago Cubs in particular.  She really wants to see them play in the World Series which has not happened in 108 years.  She has been watching and listening to them.  Last night’s game was particularly exciting.  It went to 13 innings and the Cubs lost, but I think it was so exciting that she wasn’t as upset as I expected her to be.

All this baseball talk and watching brought back a lot of memories for me.  Where I grew up in California we had a farm team and my dad, who loved baseball, often took me to game there.  If our team was ahead, he took me home in time for the bedtime insisted upon by  my mother.  when our team was close to the other team and not winning, we would often stay and he would tell me he would deal with my mother later.  If it was neck and neck we never left no matter how late it got.

I was a member of the Knothole Gang and I have so many memories of that time in my life.  I am glad I was reminded of this because I don’t have that many memories of doing anything with my dad as I grew up.  This was a special time in my life.

I think if shows that even if times like this are short in comparison with the span of life, those memories are precious and ones to treasure.  As parents we should try to make memories with our children.  We never know which ones will be the treasures when they are older.

Father, thank you for those precious memories which are still alive in my heart today.  Amen.

John 14:26



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