October 12


I love most surprises.  When someone graces you with a special smile, when someone tells you thanks for something unexpected, it makes your day.

Today the preschoolers greeted me singing Happy Birthday and giving me special drawing they made for me.  I put them up in my office when I got back from their music time.  Another person gave me a special thanks that was totally unexpected.

I also got another surprise.  I found that the structure of the college in Valdez has changed yet again and I have to deal with a different person to get a course established.  That is not a problem, but it was a surprise.

I had another surprise as well.  A student complained to me and when I gave her a counterargument, she really got irritated and left in a “huff.”  These are not surprises I like, but we encounter them on a daily basis and it is all part of life.

Overall I like surprises as I said, but even those that appear discouraging are really helpful in the long run.  They make me thoughtful and often give rise to thoughts that encourage other responses in me for which I am thankful.

God gives us surprises for a reason.  Sometimes it is to encourage us, other times it is to help us determine our response to difficult situations,at still other times, we might not immediately know what we received this special surprise, but we can always trust God for his direction, his mercy and grace.  I am thankful I can lean on that knowledge.

Father, thanks for surprises of every kind.  You know me and what I need.  I can depend on that.  Amen.

Exodus 6:1-8


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