October 18

Learning about the Google classroom….

The Inservice for teachers really impressed me with the way technology has pervaded the classroom.  I can see the value in the Google classroom. It is a great organizational tool and would be very beneficial.  I am glad the chief trainer is a teacher at the high school.

I am thinking I should try to set it up.  I think I understand it, but no doubt I will need some help along the way.  It is rather stunning to see how much Google is in charge.  There is Google docs, Google drive, Google forms.

I managed to create my first class, but now I am a little stumped so I will have to “Google it” to get the answer I think.

If I have too much trouble, I will try to set up my next class which doesn’t start until January 2017.  That will give me enough time to figure out how to make it work for my classroom.  It is definitely curious, but interesting.

The other thing they talked about doesn’t seem like it would be particularly helpful to me in particular.  It is more about specific lessons I think, but I am going to look it over before I decide.  They talked about two other programs that I had never heard of:  Kahoot and Swag.  Technology is speeding along so quickly that it seems a person must really keep abreast of the changes to be in the loop.

My husband always told me that learning new and hard things keeps your mind sharp.  All this technology will definitely keep my mind sharp.

Father, thank you for new opportunities to sharpen my mind.  Help me use them to help my students.  Amen.

Colossians 3:2


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