October 20

Argument and agreement….

We were talking about this today and it seems to me that some people really like argument and others want agreement.  I know I fall into the latter group and I also know that it is not always wise to agree just to keep the peace.

However, once you realize this about yourself you have to tread carefully.  It seems to me that it is OK to disagree, but you should have a really valid reason and commitment to your position if you are going to disagree.  It has to be worth making your opinion and stance known.

Disagreeing, arguing for argument’s sake just doesn’t appeal to me.  Of course part of that is because I like to please people and keep the peace, but it really is more than that.  It seems that dissension and arguing creates a climate that doesn’t engender progress.  It is not good for anyone to be in that state of unease.  A positive environment fosters open communication, accomplishments, balance and a host of other characteristics.

I try to keep a positive environment around me all the time.  Sometimes it is difficult because as a teacher you know you have to keep certain students in line. But overall a positive environment is what I strive for.  I have Bible verses that pop up on my phone and I have been using the Message translation because it is so relevant to our lives and it pushes me to rethink and apply the message of Jesus.

Father, thank you for making your word stand out and push me to do better.  Your Message is clear.  Help me to apply it in my life and for others to see.  Amen.

I Thessalonians 5:16-18; Ephesians 4:29



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