October 24

A hectic day…..

Grades are due tomorrow so today was hectic with students turning work at the last minute and trying to meet deadlines.  One boy wanted to write about procrastination and he is one of the biggest procrastinators of all.  I wish he would take the words he summarized to heart.  But I am inclined to think that you are either born a procrastinator or have procrastinating tendencies or you don’t.

Procrastinating drives me crazy and I really try to avoid it, but I have seen others who leave everything to the last minute and they seem to thrive on the Adrenalin  rush they get as they work to meet deadlines.

Our grades are due Thursday morning, but I wanted to get mine done today.  I had to have the IT department work on the school computer.  The kids put their work in my drop box and when I looked at it, all the formatting was lost.  It took almost 5 hours for the guy to make it work properly, but now I can see everything like they actually did it.  I am so thankful.

Sometimes I think it is amazing how much is involved in doing something that should be simple like grading and getting grades for kids. At this point I am just thankful it is finished before the deadline.

Father, thank you for always putting people before me to help with times of chaos.  Amen.

I Corinthians 14:13



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