October 26

Picture day….

Today was picture retake day.  Really it was makeup for kids who missed the first day and now we have to have a plan C for those who missed today.  I told them to come early to the Fall Festival at the Christian Center and some without their costumes and I will photograph them.  I hope this works

Taking pictures is always a challenge for some people.  Kids can hop up on the stool, smile and snap it is over.  Then others sit and refuse to smile or even look at me.  Still others won’t even sit on the stool let alone look at me.  It takes a lot of patience, hand holding, joking, talking and cajoling to get a picture.  I can usually do it, but not always.

And then there is the kid (high school) who picks one picture and Mom hates it and wants another.  I always tell the kids, put your favorite in the yearbook and let her have the one she wants, she is paying.  This usually works, but not always.

All of this difference in people just makes me realize what a varied bunch of people we are.  God made each of us unique and special and all it takes is one look at some kids like this morning to emphasize that point and praise God for his creation.

Father, you are amazing and wonderful.  Amen.

Psalm 19:1-4


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