October 30


I have a rule that kids under the age of three don’t have to sit still for the story in Sunday School.  I try to get them to sit down and not wiggle around, but if they do get up, I just keep going.  All the kids know my rule and abide by it.  I think it is because I have repeated it often.

Last night there was a special Halloween event at the old library building.  It was well attended and people had to line up outside in a marquee to keep out of the rain.  I was distressed to hear that a ninth grader whom I know well started to harass and then actually smart mouth the person in charge of the line.

He is a kid I have known a long time and last school year was particularly horrible for him and a lot of his classmates as they were very disruptive at school, in the hall and in the classroom.  This year I thought there was improvement as I had seen less of this behavior.  But the report from last night leads me to believe that it must be lying just under the surface.  Even when the adult asked this boy to be more respectful, he just became more disruptive and disrespectful.

I am sorry to hear this because he is actually a very smart young man and can behave himself well when he wants to.  He sang the National Anthem at the volleyball games last night and did very, very well.  He was a line judge and was respectful in the games, but apparently he couldn’t keep up his good behavior.

I wonder too if it had a lot to do with his peers.  Kids love to act out because they think it is funny and hope to impress their friends. It seems like this might be what started the bad behavior and then he got on a roll and just didn’t stop.  I wish there was more guidance from home, but I think there are ways to help him at school and when he volunteers at the HomePort so I plan to use those avenues to work on this problem.

Behaving well seems to be a never ending battle for some kids.  They need a lot of prayer which we can give.  Today the pastor asked how we could help those in the family of God and I think prayer is chief among what we can do for others.  I will enlist some prayer warriors for this young man.

Father, please have mercy on this young man and help him to become the child of God you mean for him to be.  Help us to support him in prayer. Amen.

James 3:2-10


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