October 31

It’s Halloween…..

Whew!!  Our celebration at the Christian Center was amazing.  We prepared for 125 people with hot dogs an hot cocoa.  At 6:15 our pastor had to go buy 50 more.  I can’t ever remember that many people.

All the kids seemed to have a good time and thankfully, most of the high school kids I asked to help actually came and did their job.  That was a blessing to me in particular.

I took a lot of photos of kids, parents and groups and it was fun.  I also managed to make up the five missing school picture kids before the event started.

I remember reading somewhere when I was becoming a teacher that for kids Halloween is as important a day as their birthday and for some it surpasses their birthday.  I’ve thought about that a lot over the years.  I know a lot of adults who think celebrating Halloween is a really bad thing.  I personally don’t think we should encourage costumes that emphasize the dark side of life and Satan in particular, but costumes that let kids have fun are all right.  I saw a lot of kids who  just were happy to be dressed up and portraying someone else.

Maybe that is why the day is important.  For a little while a child can become something they dream about.  They can be successful, daring and even beautiful.  It helps their self esteem and lets them dream.  One author I read said dressing up for Halloween is about the child being in control, but another said it is about imaginative play and that resonates with me.  I think the author I read so long ago also said the reason for Halloween being so important is the fantasy, imaginative play aspect of the day.  Kids gets to try on different roles and figure out different situations.  It enhances their development.  Kids love to play and they are happy when they play.

The atmosphere at the Christian Center was one of happiness, fun and laughter.  I did not hear a lot of grumbling.  Even those few children who did not want their picture taken initially came back with a smile and made their parents happy.  The evening was about fun.

Father, thank you for the fun that can fill our lives and help us.  Thank you for a time when kids can play and learn.  Thank you for making our Festival successful.  You are awesome.  Amen.

Ecclesiastes:  2:24; 3:13



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