November 2

World Series….

Watching parts of the World Series with the young woman who lives with me and is a volunteer has been very interesting.

She is routing for the Cubs and of course tonight is the final game.  When it gets too tense she starts to read or watch movies on her laptop.  She also texts with her Mom and her aunt who are big fans as well.

I commented that I couldn’t believe the crowd in front of the Stadiums who did not get into see the game and who stood there the entire time.  She thought it was perfectly normal.  I wondered if they could see the game on a big screen or at least hear a play-by-play, but she didn’t know.  I really like baseball too, but I can’t imagine standing there for that many hours and not really knowing. Of course I know from my “roommate” that you can use your phone to get all the up to the minute info.

Aw, how times have changed.

We’ll have to see how it goes tonight.  I did think it would go to seven games, but I don’t have a conviction about who will win.

Father, you always love u so much and for that I give thanks.  I pray for the teams tonight.  Keep them safe and may the best one win.  Amen.

I Corinthians 15:57


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