November 3

Oh my……

The Cubs game was pretty intense especially in the last three innings.  It was so intense that the volunteer at my house watched television (the game), a movie on her laptop, read from her ereader, age pizza walking around the room.  I finally went upstairs.  It just added to the intensity.  From time to time she called out the important score or play, but I was truly stunned to hear her say that the Cubs won the Series.

Soon after that we got a call from an Indians fan at church and they had a little discussion.

I don’t think I have watched any Series games in a long, long time.  She wore her special t-shirt and I made pizza again (that’s three times in a week) and all was well. I do confess that I added moose burger to the pepperoni and another cheese this time.

During the game she texted with her aunt and her mom and she discovered that there was a few seconds delay in the play from Kansas to Alaska.

That was pretty interesting to me as I remember the “0ld” days  when most programs came to Cordova at least a week after they had aired in Seattle.  We are definitely in the modern new times now.  It is just another example of the changes in technology.

Father, you make so many things possible.  Thanks for your loving kindness to your children.  Amen.

Psalm 139:1-3


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