November 5


My weather phone app said snow today for two hours and then rain.  A look at the clouds made me question this forecast and sure enough it has been cold, but sunny all day which has been very nice.

My volunteer was very unhappy that it did not snow.  She wanted to see snow a lot.  Personally, I didn’t mind no snow as it meant no perilous driving down the hill.  I know it will come sooner or later, but later is all right with me.

Some live by their expectations and then when things do not turn out as they had thought they would be, they are quite disappointed and/or upset.  I try to remind myself not to let that happen because I know how easily things can change and you can be quite flustered if they do when you were expecting something else entirely.

It seems that we should do our best daily to live by God’s word and only expect what he has promised us.  We know that he will be with us always, that he will hear and answer our prayers and that he loves us completely.  If we let those be our expectations we will never be disappointed or upset and we will be able to be a wonderful witness to those very things in our own lives.    We need reminders of this daily.

Father, thank you for the expectations you give us in your word that never let us down or disappoint us.  Help us to be true to you daily.  Amen.

Lamentations 3:22-23

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