November 6


We are focusing on thanksgiving in Sunday school and today we had a project called “Seeds of thanks”  I was supposed to use candy corn for the seeds, but I had to substitute something else because there was no candy corn in Cordova.

I don’t remember learning that the Pilgrims had only five seeds of corn to eat, but that is a surprising and sobering fact.  When I told the kids, they were equally sobered even the youngest.

I remember being admonished not teach at too high a level if you have many ages in a class, but I believe that kids can learn much more easily than most adults realize and I have always erred on the side of giving them lots of information that they can internalize.

I think their brains are like sponges and that they can soak up way more than we think is possible.  Constantly I have kids who tell me things that they had to have heard or been taught and all of these are above their “level.”

This means that we have a huge responsibility in what we share with the kids we are around.  It makes me stop and think and consider my words more carefully.  I need to be sure I include words about Jesus whenever possible to help them learn, grow and understand.

Father, thank you for the responsibility of teaching.  Help me to remember to include you whenever possible.  Amen.

Titus 2:7-8; James 3:1-2


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