November 7

Loose ends…..

That need to be tied up.  Computer program spots, picture choices, writing, letters to answer, the list goes on and on.  Today was a day for tying up loose ends.I am sure we all need these days as the loose ends constantly crop up in life, but it feels like you didn’t get much accomplished at the end of the day.

I am sure you have had this experience at times, but for me it tends to get me off balance.  I guess I am a creature who  loves routine.  I always tended to pride myself on being able to go with the flow and to an extent I think I am still able to do that, but I guess I just feel more rattled than I realized.

Time to stop and pray, take a deep breath or more than one, to relax a little and then go with the flow. 1-2-3  I can do this.

All of life needs to be connected to our Lord.  When it is, things don’t seem to be so out of whack or so off-kilter.  We can trust Jesus with the smallest detail and everything will go much more smoothly.  The key is learning to develop that trust and then act on it.

Father, I put my trust in you and I promise to talk to you, to take deep breaths and to relax a little and then go with the flow you put before me.  Amen.

Psalm 56:3-4


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